Wagonhouse Winery

  • In early 2004 Dan and Heather decided to start a vineyard and winery. They leased some land from Dan’s family who had been farming in Mickleton for over a century, planted some grapes and hoped for the best! Twelve years, 18 – 25 wines, and three little boys later, they are still moving forward with all the energy and creativity they started with! The name, by the way, came from the old wagonhouse on the Brown family farm. The idea was to build a tasting room someday, modeled after that very building. Ironically enough, the building that is NOW our tasting room was once the site of the original wagonhouse for the farm located at 1401 Route 45… we have the pictures to prove it!




Three Boys Brand

In 2009 Dan and Heather started a new brand name for their new line of sweet unique wines . . . Three Boys Brand. Their three little boys (5, 3 & 1 at the time) were the inspiration for the name. This line not only allows Dan and Heather to express their creativity with wine making and labeling, it sets apart their traditional dryer wines labeled under Wagonhouse Winery. Even dry wine lovers have found a favorite among this creative line of wines!

Past, Present and Future

0132b18e4e7687fef101075e174cac42c6f2dc9e6301f2dc00f9e387441d4002e80470908e50e6c56e7b01b30b056e430fb7183ebb233cc6ac69cebbe2cccaOwners, Dan and Heather Brown, married in September 2003 and their son, Dallas Haddon Brown was born the following year. In the mean time Wagonhouse Winery, LLC was established and Dan and Heather found themselves working toward a goal that they had only dreamt of previously. As the vineyard continued to grow, so did their family. Dawson Pierce Brown was born January 10, 2007 and Dower Jameson Brown was born June 7, 2008. The culmination of their backgrounds and the guidance and support of family, friends and fellow wineries has allowed the Browns to produce quality wines.


Dan and Heather believe that by doing all of the work themselves, they can create a better product. Each bottle has had their individual attention—from planting and nurturing the vines, to crushing and fermenting the fruit, and finally bottling and labeling the wine. Their dedication to New Jersey agriculture is evident by their desire to use fruit grown in New Jersey only.


In January of 2011, Dan and Heather purchased a small farm in South Harrison township. They have been busy moving their family, their home and their business to this new location. Their tasting room’s Grand Opening took place on Mother’s Day weekend!


We have continued to make progress expanding our wine selection and offering entertaining opportunities to the public! Stop by and see what we have done and ask what we have in-store!

How To Find Us

Visit our tasting room located in South Harrison Township! Our address is:
1401 Route 45 (corner of Marl Road), Swedesboro, NJ 08085

Click HERE for directions.

If using a GPS or internet based directions, try 67 Marl Road, Swedesboro.

For snail mail, please send to: 1401 Route 45 – Swedesboro, NJ 08085

Questions please call 609-780-8019 or email inquire@wagonhousewinery.com.

We look forward to meeting you!

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