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Wine tastings options include a bit of everything available, sweet wines only, dry wines only or one of our wine flights. Email Heather@WagonhouseWinery for pricing and group options.

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As snacks are available on-site, we ask that our guests do NOT bring their OWN snacks to enjoy in our tasting room. We kindly request that groups of SIX PEOPLE OR MORE contact us in advance, so that we can be certain we can accommodate them.

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To redeem your Groupon deal, please make a reservation via Heather@WagonhouseWinery.com. Please note that expired vouchers will be honored.  Since the tasting room at Wagonhouse Winery is currently open three days a week, consider visiting The Vintner’s Wife for your tasting experience!  The Vintner’s Wife is just 5 minutes south of the tasting room on Route 45 in Woodstown.  Email Heather@VintnersWife.com or call 856-823-5230.


About Wagonhouse Winery

In early 2004 Dan and Heather decided to start a vineyard and winery. They leased some land from Dan’s family who had been farming in Mickleton for over a century, planted some grapes and hoped for the best! Twelve years, 18 – 25 wines, and three little boys later, they are still moving forward with all the energy and creativity they started with! The name, by the way, came from the old wagonhouse on the Brown family farm. The idea was to build a tasting room someday, modeled after that very building. Ironically enough, the building that is NOW our tasting room was once the site of the original wagonhouse for the farm located at 1401 Route 45… we have the pictures to prove it!

The Three Boys Brand
In 2009 Dan and Heather started a new brand name for their new line of sweet unique wines . . . Three Boys Brand. Their three little boys (5, 3 & 1 at the time) were the inspiration for the name. This line not only allows Dan and Heather to express their creativity with wine making and labeling, it sets apart their traditional dryer wines labeled under Wagonhouse Winery. Even dry wine lovers have found a favorite among this creative line of wines!