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Due to limited staff,
Wagonhouse Winery will be offering limited services.
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About Us

In early 2004 Dan and Heather decided to start a vineyard and winery. They leased some land from Dan’s family who had been farming in Mickleton for over a century, planted some grapes and hoped for the best! Sixteen years, 29 wines, and three boys later, they are still moving forward with all the energy and creativity they started with! The name, by the way, came from the old wagonhouse on the Brown family farm. The idea was to build a tasting room someday, modeled after that very building. Ironically enough, the building that is NOW our tasting room was once the site of the original wagonhouse for the farm located at 1401 Route 45.

Gourmet Meal

Fresh Eats

Catered By The Vintners Wife Mobile Café  

We've had the pleasure of visiting this winery multiple times. I've run the Napa gamut and also been around wineries in Italia. Wagonhouse stands up with the big boys. They have enough wines to fit any palate and the family that runs it is so sweet and humble. I've been there when they had Santa in the building right before the holidays and the guy looked legit. It's a great place to have a bunch of cheeses and some crackers and go through a few bottles on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.